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Since over 40 years Cosmov is active in national and international market of furniture handles, knobs and accessories for retailers and producers of different types and finishes; all characterized by Italian’s craftmanship quality, design and innovation. Thanks to the internal design and prototyping, all the products of our company can develop innovative solutions, unique and customized for every customer.

40 Years
of Creativity, Design, Reality.

Innovation and attention to detail:
the production of real “Made in Italy”

Cosmov offers customers a complete service in terms of supply of the zinc alloy die-cast components for highend. The supply is divided into an integrated cycle that, according to the specifications of the customer’s product, involves the design and construction of the mould, the planning and implementation of the manufacturing and quality assurance processes, delivery according to just in programs time and post-sales support. The key element of the high quality standard is in the mastery of the design process, the mouldld construction and maintenance, and in thirty years of experience in die casting in zamak and work man ship and related treatments.

Design Handles and Coordinated
quality “Made in Italy”

cosmov, through an action of investment and renewal – organisationally and on that business plan – intends to grasp the broader market opportunities and grow the world leader for the supply of zinc-alloy die-cast components. The experience that has developed from the settlement of briosco wants to be the focal point for the emergence of additional winning reality in other parts of the world.

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